Smart Wiring is a system which combines different types of wires used in the home into a single platform. It allows integration of various smart home systems and sensors. You can also add more at a later date if you need. A Smart Wiring platform includes wiring for lighting, internet communications, security, security systems and audio-visual or home entertainment systems.


There are many factors to consider if you want to install smart home wiring. Smart wiring is a wiring system which is designed to accommodate smart home systems, sensors, and devices.

This type of wiring can cost $2,000 on an average just for a basic system. You also need to consider the cost of devices and sensors which make the system worthwhile. The main aim of smart home wiring is to allow remote access and automation to home appliances.

It is also important to consider what you require from the system. Security, convenience, and cost saving are just some of the few ways this system can benefit homeowners in Perth.

smart home wiring

You can save nearly 30% on energy costs using an effective smart wiring system. Smart wiring is a sure winner as an investment.


When thinking about smart home wiring, it is a good idea to consider whether you will use the system. There are definitely many benefits to this wiring system.

Smart wiring will monitor and control even your thermostat when you are not at home. These wiring systems can be programmed to control multiple devices and sensors by using the right devices.


You can save nearly 30% on energy costs using an effective smart wiring system along with the added security. You can automate your blinds to close periodically and also monitor your lighting, ovens and cook tops.

You will need to purchase supported devices for the smart system to work. The cost of TVs, security systems, kitchen appliances and other home features would need to be considered if you are thinking about smart wiring your home.


Smart wiring systems are linked to the internet. For this reason it is important to have good internet security in place. Take some time to learn what you can do to improve your cyber security such as using complex passwords and multi-tier security if you have security cameras or remote access to computerized systems.

These systems use Wi-Fi and other signals that are disreputable. You may end up paying more for these services if you want optimal performance.

smart home wiring

Security, convenience, and cost saving are just some of the few ways this smart home system can benefit homeowners in Perth.


Smart wiring is a sure winner as an investment. Insurance companies offer homeowners with incentives on policies that support smart home wiring.

Autonomous devices offer convenience and cost savings to homeowners. The power of automation can make life less stressful for homeowners.


Each Smart Wired installer works to a Code of Practice which is a set of basic standards to ensure that you get security, automation, energy management, reliable entertainment, and communication services. They are liable to the agreement in the Code giving you piece of mind.

The cost of Smart Wiring your Perth home during construction is much less than installing Smart Wiring in an existing house. If you are building a new home or have an existing home in Perth and want to know more about smart wiring, talk to Dimtech today. We have qualified installers who can help you navigate toward the best smart wiring solution for your home.