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Safety and Peace of Mind

Crime in Perth is on the rise. More and more homeowners are installing security systems in their homes. When you get a home security system in your home, it can protect your house, your possessions, and the people who live in the home.

Security systems can be fully integrated with your smartphone so you can monitor your home from anywhere. This is ideal for peace of mind when you are away on holiday, or for making sure the kids get home ok after school.

Motion Sensors

In order for motion sensors to work properly, they need to be installed correctly. This can only be done by a professional. The sensors need to be hooked up to the security system correctly and they need to be placed in areas that are free of obstructed.

If the sensors in the area are obstructed, they won’t be able to detect motion in your house or in your yard. This can make the sensors useless and vulnerable to intruders.

Comprehensive Design

Dimtech are able to ensure a fully comprehensive design for your security system. We can take a wholistic approach to designing and installing your system. This ensures that a complete security set up with all potential weak points covered. When all of the potential entry points are discovered, a comprehensive security system can be installed which will protect your home or business.

Other Measures

While a home security and CCTV system installed by Dimtech will go a long way to ensuring the safety and security of your home or business, it is not the only measure to take. Homes should also be made secure with quality dead bolts and security locks. This is considered the first line of defense that your property has when it comes to intruders breaking in. When a home security system is installed, you can be sure that you have a complete security set up.

Authorised Professional Installation

When it comes to security, it is essential that you hire a professional who has the legally required licenses issued by the Western Autralian Police to install your system in order to ensure your security system is not vulnerable. All homes are different, therefore, all homes would require a different security system design. When you work with a professional, they can examine your home to identify your home’s individual needs. When you hire a professional to install your security system, you can be sure that handles all contingencies and all potential points of entry. This will give you peace of mind that your family and your home will be safe.

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