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Our reliance on the internet is increasing every year. Both homes and businesses can relate to the frustration of slow internet speeds and connectivity. A solid network cabling infrastructure ensures fast internet speeds and convenient access points throughout the home or office.

With the NBN rollout it makes sense to take advantage of the faster speeds now available to many homes and businesses. Our network cabling services can help leverage the speed of the National Broadband Network.

Network Cabling Dont’s

When it comes to your home or office network setup, there are some important dont’s to keep in mind:

– Don’t perform D.I.Y. Cabling as it is against the law.

– Don’t use an unregistered network cabling technician.

– Ensure that your devices and modems connect to data points using the correct cabling.

Making the Most of the NBN

When upgrading to NBN there are a number of factors to consider with your existing infrastructure. Most NBN set ups are comprised of three parts:

– The NBN box
Your home gateway
– Your router/modem of choice.

The best network cabling ensures the optimum connectivity between the box, gateway, and router.

100% Compliance

RJ45 and Cat 6 are the most common technologies out there when it comes to network cabling. As network cabling specialists, Dimtech understands the importance of using the correct cabling.

Our network cabling work complies with all statutes, regulations, and standards. This is important because many providers will use cheap, inferior cabling which does not comply with national standards. Make sure your network installation is 100% compliant and talk to Dimtech today.

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