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Full Control from Anywhere

Connecting your home’s devices electronically means you can have better control over power usage and timing of certain systems. Home automation involves incorporating outlets, heating and cooling systems, sprinklers, and just about everything else, into one system that can be controlled remotely.

This type of system gives homeowners and advantage in access to all systems any time, anywhere. It can be a benefit from a security standpoint, because alarms, cameras, and smoke detectors can also be incorporated into the remote control device. When an automated system is used, there is no need to run home and turn on security lights or turn on the cameras.

Amazing Possibilities

Until now, most automated systems were used in large commercial applications and in the most expensive homes. Automation in buildings has usually been limited to lighting, heating, and security systems. In homes, remote access has been limited to devices that can connect to a Wi-Fi system. But, with advances in technology, homeowners can now incorporate electric outlets and switches, so there is no need for smart devices. There are fewer limitations in connecting home functions to a remotely operated system.

Home Safety

With home automation, the convenience and ease of control from elsewhere is a big advantage. But, other features like timers allow home owners to control small operations, like turning lights on or off at certain times. It can even allow users to specify certain functions in the event of an emergency. For instance, a user may specify certain lights to be turned on if the alarm system is triggered. This additional control makes it easier to scare intruders away.

Creative Control

Automation lets homeowners be creative in how they control the systems inside the home. Remotely controlled blinds can be turned on at a time when the sun is likely to come through windows. A user can even lock and unlock the door for a child coming home from school or a pet sitter.


The other component of home automation is remote access to the home’s systems. In the past, home monitoring has been limited to security cameras. But, with smart phones and mobile devices, a home owner can now view the entire system and all the devices connected to it.

This type of monitoring can even provide information on what has happened throughout the day. Users can check to see if lights are on or if security systems are activated at the specified times. It may also be possible to view any cameras installed inside the home, to see what pets may be doing while you’re away.


Home automation can send alerts through text messages, if an alarm is triggered or the security system detects a problem. Parents can easily find out when their children are home from school and what they’re doing. The functions of home automation are nearly limitless.

Peace of Mind

What makes automation even more desirable is that they can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet, so there is no need to have access to a computer while away from home. Home owners don’t need special smart appliances to use automated systems. The basic functions such as controlling outlets, locks, and security systems can go a long way in providing peace of mind.

Home Theatre Systems

In addition to Home Automation for your lights, blinds door locks and more, Dimtech are able to provide automation and installation for your Home Theatre Systems. A Home Theatre System is different for every user and every room and at Dimtech we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your unique requirements and ensuring that we make the best utilisation of your Home Theatre space.

Best of all, Dimtech can also help you to configure your Home Theatre System so that is all controlled from your mobile device or tablet. One click and the lights dim, blinds close and the right settings are applied to your amplifier unit, TV and everything is set-up for your chosen Home Theatre application

Multi Room Audio

Multi Room Audio, also know as Multi Zone Ausio allows you to have multiple wired or wireless audio channels throughout your home. This means you can have the greatest hits of the 90’s playing in your outdoor area while your theatre room is playing the audio from latest action thriller movie you’re watching and the study can have some classical music playing. Dimtech are specialists in Multi Room audio and can help you ensure that you have the configuration perfect for what you need.

Audio Visual Systems

In addition to home automation, your Dimtech specialist can install and configure your Audio Visual system to suit your needs. From large flat screens, curved screens through to projectors in your home theatre, even large scale Audio Visual Systems for concerts and large productions, you can trust Dimtech to get the job done.

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